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Voilà is first and foremost a mother-daughter project based on a single and unique philosophy: one’s well-being can always be found in simplicity and authenticity. The same can be said about taking care of yourself and your skin. While happiness and beauty come from within, we would like nothing more than to be a small part in your daily search for balance and well-being.

We are pleased to have crafted skincare products that are 100% natural, petroleum-free, with no preservatives and no chemicals. Simple and authentic products, handpicked with care, thought, and passion.

Voilà, it's that simple.


Martine, 53.

A natural born entrepreneur, Martine has built quite a few companies over the last twenty years. In fact, after dabbling in the pastry business, she now wants to reorient her passion of entrepreneurship towards something uplifting. Her core values have led her to this new project as she wants to be part of helping women feel comfortable in their own skin, regardless of age.

So why this shift? It follows the next logical step in her life: to favor a healtier and more importantly, a more natural nutritional lifestyle. “It’s become inconceivable for me to use any type of chemical product on my own skin. It would be the equivalent of suffocating it”.

Favorite product: “The Cafe Moka Body Scrub. It has a gourmet and vivifying scent that really gives my body a boost after a long day’s work.”  

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 13.06.27.png

Pascale, 27.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – well this apple is no exception. Pascale has also been born with a strong sense of entrepreneurship as she has founded her own marketing agency, whose mission is primarily to help startups.

So what got her interested in skincare? Well for starters she has worked as a beauty consultant for over five years during her studies. This means she was exposed to all that skincare has to offer and knows it inside out. “I’ve tried everything. I mean it, EVERYTHING. Trends and products may change but what I recommend is to always keep it simple.”

Favorite product:  “The Total Care Serum. I love its mellow and soothing texture. Actually, I often mix it with my foundation to a get a satin-finish.”