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1881 Rue du Centre
Montréal, QC, H3K 1J1



Dark chocolate: 9 reasons to indulge

Pascale Côté

The mere mention of that word makes most of us salivate. They say "9 out 10 people love chocolate and the 10th person is probably lying".

Aside from its delectable taste and sublime texture, did you know that the benefits of chocolate (70% cocoa and up) are beyond incredible? As if you needed more reasons. Here are 9 reasons to indulge.


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18 unexpected ways you can use coconut oil

Pascale Côté

Once the black sheep of the nutritionist community it has now become the little darling of foodies and cooking aficionados. Contrary to animal fats, coconut oil contains a high amount of medium chain triglycerides which are far easier for your body to digest which is why it has been adopted a cornerstone of healthy eating habits.

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