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18 unexpected ways you can use coconut oil


18 unexpected ways you can use coconut oil

Pascale Côté

Once the black sheep of the nutritionist community it has now become the little darling of foodies and cooking aficionados. Contrary to animal fats, coconut oil contains a high amount of medium chain triglycerides which are far easier for your body to digest which is why it has been adopted a cornerstone of healthy eating habits.

With a well established reputation, we now know that coconut oil nourishes both hair and skin, helps to maintain a healthy body weight and best of all: it tastes awesome. As if that wasn’t enough did you know it can be used for many other purposes?

1.    As make-up remover
2.    As a substitute for shaving cream
3.    To get rid of those stubborn curls.
4.    For when you are unlucky enough to get gum stuck in your hair
5.    As a deep nourishing mask for your hair
6.    To remove a bandaid – painfree!
7.    As a massage oil
8.    Add some baking soda – you have toothpaste
9.    To help reduce the appearance of skid marks and scars.
10.  As a balm for the throat (mixed with various essential oils : eucalyptus rosemary and mint)
11.  To help accelerate the healing of wounds
12.  To stop itching from most insect bites
13.  To help soothe eczema or psoriasis
14.  As an insect repellent (mixed with peppery mint essential oil)
15.  To clean your make-up brushes
16.  To smooth out your cuticle.
17.  To maintain leather’s quality
18.  To fight fungus and athlete’s foot.