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5 reasons why lemons are your skin’s best friend


5 reasons why lemons are your skin’s best friend

Pascale Côté

Dieticians, naturopaths and doctors have all fallen head over heels with lemon water and with good reason. But is it just a fad or does it hold merit? You be the judge!

Here are 5 benefits of pressing half a lemon in a glass of water every day:

1) It’s a full body detox and complexion enhancer

Truth is, the water-lemon combo is a heavenly match when it comes to detox: lukewarm water will eliminate toxins while the lemon, loaded with vitamin C, will fight the free radicals which contribute to older looking skin. It also revitalizes cells and improves your complexion.

2) It helps digestion

Lemon water can help stimulate bile production which as we know is key when it comes to digestion and eliminating toxins. This helps to optimize how your body burns saturated fats which in turn help maintain your ideal body weight.

3) It stimulates the immune system

Vitamin C is an essential nutriment that protects your body when the immune system fails. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C which holds anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It also helps to fight throat aches, colds and A-type flus.

4) It alkalize your system

To stay healthy you need a good pH balance in your bloodstream. If your body is overloaded with acids (which normally equates to illnesses), lemons can help balance it out. In fact it can provoke an alkalizing response from the body which will help the system regulate itself. The alkaline nature of the lemon can also eliminate bacteria, many of which are skin-related, such as acne.

5) It’s an antioxidant drink

The lemon is considered healthy as it can help fight free radicals that damage skin cells. Why? Because it’s rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and copper.

So when life gives you lemons….