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Frequent Asked Questions


Allergy Alert : Although our products are 100% natural, they still may contain traces of allergies. Please consult our website for our product chart with all their ingredients prior to usage. Note that all our products may have been in contact with nuts (almond oil). In case of irritation, immediately stop intake.

Pregnant or breastfeeding: We do not recommend the use of product with essential oils without your doctor's approval. (consult our product chart prior to usage)

Why would you choose sugar over salt to make your scrubs?

Two reasons. First one being that the smaller grain of sugar is most helpful for a smooth exfoliation all the while keeping your skin hydrated. Second reason is that salt can sometimes irritate sensitive skin, whereas sugar, does not.

And these are 100% natural products? What exactly is used in the scrubs?

Absolutely, all our products are 100% natural. That means we use only ingredients that are meant to naturally work with your skin. We do not use ANY type of chemical whatsoever. All the active ingredients found in our products come from the soil. All the scents found in our products come from plants and flowers. Our vegetal and essential oils and our sugar are all organic.

How often should a scrub be used?

Given that our scrubs were made to work on the most sensitive of skin, you can use ours every day.

I heard that it’s best use a hydrating create after using a scrub – fact or fiction?

Here’s a fact about our scrubs: once you’ve used it on your skin, it will leave it smooth and hydrated until your next bath or shower – so you won’t need to hydrate it afterwards.

How long can I keep a jar - is there an expiry date?

If closed, the jar can be kept over a year – no need to keep it refrigerated.

Can I keep the jar in the shower?

Yes you can but you really should be extra careful to not let in any water in the jar. It will prevent the sugars from prematurely dissolving and will also prevent bacteria from growing.

How does your facial scrub differ than the one for the body?

We use a smaller, finer grain for our facial scrub. It also has a higher vitamin E percentage as well as some different ingredients: honey, musk-rose oil and Argan oils which are both great for more sensitive skin.

Are your scrubs safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely Yes! Voilà scrubs were especially formulated for sensitive skin. There are no PEGs, paragons, sulphates or artificial preservatives in our products. Only pure natural ingredients good for the skin.

How much bath milk should I mix with the bath water?

It’s actually a personal preference but we would suggest you use 75g (2.6oz) that you sprinkle in the bath water.

What are the benefits of using bath milk?

Generally speaking, bath milk can soothe irritations all the while keeping skin smooth and silky. The ritual and experience itself is quite enjoyable when you make it part of your routine. Each range we created is meant to give your body a different type of experience: energizing, calming or revitalizing.

I feel that the fragrances in your products are not as strong as some of the other ones on the market, am I off?

Here’s the thing: over the years, our sense of smell has built what we can best describe as “a tolerance”. In other words: we are used to constantly smelling stronger smells (“man-made”smells”) and as a result cannot distinguish more subtle ones (natural odors). It is for that reason that you may feel the fragrance is not “as strong”.

What are the benefits of pink salt?

Pink salt is known for its ability to regenerate. It’s also rich in trace elements, improves your circulation and helps to get rid of your body’s impurities.

How much Himalayan bath salt should I mix with the bath water?

It’s actually a personal preference but we would suggest you use 75g (2.6oz) that you sprinkle in bath water.

Can I use the Total Care Serum as a day treatment?

Absolutely. This serum is highly nutritive for your skin.

How do I apply the Total Care Serum on my skin?

Once you’ve cleaned your skin and vaporized it with floral water, apply the serum while your skin is still damp. Pour about 5 to 6 drop in the palm of your hand and apply gently on your face. No need to complement with any type of cream as the serum becomes your day/night treatment.

Can the serum leave my skin oily?

While the serum is made from a mix of vegetal and essential oils, they do not leave your skin oily. Instead, they help to heal and regenerate your skin as the mix of oils helps to nourish it without blocking your pores.

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